Our FAQs

How do I Qualify?

There are a few different ways you can qualify to apply

  • PNW Based Vendor

  • Vendor effected by Covid-19

The following types of vendors can apply:

  • Artists

  • Shops

  • Costume Makers

  • Youtubers/Streamers/TikTok Furs

  • Musicians/DJs

  • Furry Meet-Up Groups/Conventions

  • Fursuiter

Is there a fee to register?

For 2020 there is no set fee. Due to the outbreak everyone has been effected differently. Registration is strictly PWYW (Pay What You Want).

Any money collected goes towards paying for the site and advertising the event. The more we collect the more we can promote!

How is this being promoted?

Currently FNW is being promoted via social media. We highly encourage sharing our flyer for your viewers so they are aware of the upcoming event. 

  • Facebook Groups & Pages

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Telegram Groups/Chats

  • Social Media Ads

  • #FurcificNW

Download Flyer HERE

Will there be a charity auction?

Yes! All vendors will be emailed in April about volunteering for this event. We will be hosting an auction to raise money for Savin Juice Medical Rescue. This auction will be posted on our website with separate links to Dealers Den.

Vendors will need to email certificates or mail physical items to PNW Furs prior to the event. 

Will there be any panels?

We do want to offer a "panel" type page. We will collect these in April from vendors to sign up for. Below is a list of what you may submit:

  • Craft Tutorial Videos

  • Dance Tutorial Videos

  • Cosplay Tutorial Videos

  • Patterns for Free or Purchase

  • Other Resources

How else can I participate?

We encourage you to join our Telegram chat room! Socialize with attendees, staff & vendors. 

We also have an announcement channel for vendors. So check daily for new items, promotions, and more!

Furcific NW is also hosting an exclusive raffle all week long!